Gimena Moya Tonelli


I was asked to create a visual map representing the different creative paths taken by the designer of a ground-breaking lamp that comes in a flat shape and is stretched into a three-dimensional surface.

The process of creating Nothing -the innovative LED based lamp designed by Francisco Gomez Paz for Luceplan- took over 3 years and  more than 150 prototypes and  saw the designer exploring different types of solutions. The process was defined by the designer itself as en “evolutive journey” and gave me the idea of representing this evolution using Darwin’s classical evolution of the species map.

I classified the prototypes in four main areas, created the names in latin for each of the areas and for every single element based on their main characteristics, personality or in stories behind their conception- and organized them all in a large tree. The infographics was used to illustrate the installation Connecting the Dots during the International Furniture Fair 2012 in Milan, Italy.