Gimena Moya Tonelli


I worked from the very early stages of the project designing the User Interface for Joost, a platform for distributing TV shows and other forms of video content over the Internet using peer-to-peer technology, created by the founders of Skype and Kazaa.
I took part of all the phases of the UI creation process of both the client and the backend software, from initial conceptual sketches, mock-ups, art direction of icon sets, to the writing and illustrating of final specification documents for the engineering team.

Joost was a challenging project, and a wonderful experience. I got to work with a talented group of designers, engineers, UX experts and managers and we created a cutting edge piece of software  that delivered high quality video over the internet, for free. The client was later replaced by a web-based service at

The UI concept of the client software was simple yet innovative. We worked with the “hot-edges” of the screen, using the edges to grant the user immediate access to the main features of the software: content on the right edge, widgets and community features on the left edge, and  info related to the specific content on the top edge.

I was responsible for the art direction of the complete icon set, from client to backend to website. We created over a hundred icons for main software functionality, widgets, content categories, emoticons, app launch icons, etc.