Gimena Moya Tonelli

Hi, thanks for stepping by.

I’m a visual designer born in Argentina and based in Milan, Italy. I work in the fields of Interaction, Digital Communication and Graphic Design for clients spread around the world.

I have experience as Designer and Art Director of GUIs of client and backend software, mobile apps and web-based services; I’m responsible for the online communication of several companies and I also enjoy doing traditional Graphic Design projects including branding, logotypes, print and product applied graphics.

My work is often sharp and simple, I particularly love typography and geometry and spend most of my spare time exploring the expressive potentials of these elements. I’m currently challenging my analytical and visual skills with infographics and data visualization projects. Oh, and I’m a passionate collector of children books and dream on publishing my own sooner than later.

I’m a devoted blogger, I write for design related blogs (Mocoloco & Insight Mag) and I’m the editor in chief of -an online magazine focused in the details of product design featuring exclusive photographs and selected editorial content.

Contact me at hello @ or find me in Twitter and Dribbble.